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Where Are the Best Places to Buy Mad Honey?

For a moment, let’s imagine that price is no object, and you could travel at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world to find the freshest, most potent, most mind-bending mad honey available. Where would you need to point your plane?

To find the world’s best mad honey, you’d need to fly around the globe to the mysterious, landlocked country of Nepal. But a plane will only get you part of the way there. Once in the country, you’ll need to travel by car and donkey, climbing high into the remote, mountainous regions of the country.

The bees that make this mystical honey are found in massive hives affixed to sheer cliff walls hundreds of feet in the air. They roam this inaccessible landscape, gathering pollen and nectar (and mind-expanding grayanotoxins) from vast, windswept fields of the area’s native rhododendrons. Local honey hunters descend the precipitous heights on handmade rope ladders, risking life and limb to procure the precious mad honey contained in the giant bee’s hives.

But you don’t need to visit these remote villages to gain access to their prize. You can get off the plane and stop into any number of small shopkeepers scattered throughout Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, located in a valley at the foot of the Himalayas. They manage a brisk trade, supplying the local region with the world’s finest mad honey.

Or, you can order the same mad honey from the comfort of your couch.

Instead of Traveling to Nepal, Let Mad Honey Nepal Bring the Honey to You

Back to reality. Most people can’t afford to hop a plane to the foothills of the Nepalese mountains. Thankfully, you don’t need to. You can support local villages while enjoying the spoils of their honey hunter’s work by ordering from a reputable supplier like Mad Honey Nepal.

We honour the traditions of the Nepalese people by giving back to local villages, working to preserve their time-tested hive management practices. We believe that the local Himalayans are the best stewards of the bees because of their centuries-long relationship. We support them in their efforts to combat honey poachers and pay fair prices to ensure a steady, sustainable supply.

Most importantly, we never tamper with perfection. Nepalese mad honey is the finest in the world, and we work to ensure that the honey we deliver is as pure and fresh as the day it comes out of the hive. We also lab test every batch to guarantee consistent quality and dosage of the precious grayanotoxins contained inside. Nepalese mad honey is the most wonderfully intoxicating honey available today, and Mad Honey Nepal’s supply comes straight from the heart of the mountains.

So to answer the initial question, “Where is the best place to buy mad honey,” you need to look no further than your favourite chair. Mad Honey Nepal gives you access to the world’s most potent, effective mad honey and brings it to you fresh and ready for your next visionary journey.

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