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Mad Honey Nepal 150 grams 


Strength: Potent XXX


Ethically Sourced Himalayan Mad Honey 

This is pure mad honey, known as “cliff honey” or पागल मह, by the locals from high in the mountains of Lamjung Nepal. 


Cliff honey has been used in traditional medicine for millennia. It was widely known throughout the ancient world but has largely been forgotten until now. Mad Honey Nepal is dedicated to making this “Himalayan herb” available to world once again.

Not only is mad honey useful for treating a number of conditions, including anxiety, stress, general pain, hypertension, stomach ailments, and migraines, it is renown for its stimulant properties. A small amount will produce a mild, calming, euphoric sensation, which increases overall feelings of contentedness and relaxation. Villagers in the remote, mountainous regions of eastern Nepal have eaten mad honey for millennia, generally right before breakfast, for a pleasant, quick pick-me-up that follows them throughout their day.

Now, you can enjoy the uplifting experience and the healthful benefits of mad honey for yourself.

We distribute genuine, high-potency mad honey worldwide. We work directly with local honey hunters in Lamjung Nepal to collect the highest-quality cliff honey available.

We’ve set strict quality controls. Our product is collected fresh from the massive cliffside beehives of Nepal with no processing to assure the purest mad honey possible. We test every batch to assure consistent potency and premium quality.

We know you’ll be pleased with your purchase, and so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Check our website for details. You can order confidently, knowing you’ll receive the finest, purest, most potent mad honey available.

How to Know if Your Mad Honey is Pure
Mad honey or cliff honey isn’t sweet like regular honey. The compounds responsible for mad honey’s medicinal and psychoactive properties give it a slightly bitter flavor. Its color ranges from red to deep red instead of the golden hue we expect from standard honey. It’s also slightly runnier than regular honey and will produce an itchy sensation in the back of the throat when swallowed. If you’ve purchased mad honey from another source and it doesn’t match the description above, there’s a good chance it isn’t an authentic product. The best way to be certain your mad honey is pure is to buy from us. We guarantee the authenticity, purity, and potency of our product.

How Much Should You Take?
For most people one spoonful a day is sufficient. Larger people or people that are naturally resistant to mad honey’s effects can step up to two spoonfuls, but more than that isn’t recommended. Start with one and increase the dosage incrementally until you find the amount that’s right for you.

      Mad Honey Nepal 150g

      SKU: MHN150
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