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Mad Honey Nepal Breaks the Veil of Secrecy Surrounding Nepalese Mad Honey

The harsh, remote, landscape of Nepal has always been fascinating to westerners. Life in such an unforgiving environment seems to border on the spiritual for the hearty souls that live there. There are good reasons to hold this view.

High in the mountains of Nepal, in the shadow of the Himalayas, dense groves of a very special rhododendron plant spread unchecked across the landscape. The plants produce a thick blanket of pink and red flowers in late spring each year, creating a sight that dazzles the senses.

These flowers also create a potent neurotoxin that has taken on an almost spiritual significance for the local villagers. That’s because this class of compounds, called grayanotoxins, are carried, along with the flowers’ nectar, back to the hive by local honeybees where it creates a viscous, deep red, mystical honey with medicinal and psychoactive properties.

This is mad honey, and it has been used by the local cultures as a hallucinogen, a euphoric stimulant, and traditional medicine for millennia. Until recently most outsiders had never heard of mad honey, and of those that had, few had been afforded the chance to try it.

Mad Honey Nepal is changing that. We’re sourcing mad honey from the fearless Nepalese honey hunters that bring this magical substance back from the beehives where it’s produced and then we’re packaging for use by the rest of the world. We’re breaking open the ancient mystery of mad honey and welcoming everyone to its bliss.

Safe, Effective Mad Honey for the World

Mad Honey is a natural product. As such its potency can vary depending on a number of

factors. This means the dosage of grayanotoxins in a spoonful of mad honey can vary from

location to location and year to year.

For the locals that use mad honey on a regular basis, this variability is part of its charm, but

western audiences demand consistency. They want to know that they won’t be eating too much, or too little of the precious grayanotoxins that create the mad honey experience. They want a predictable, enjoyable session each time they imbibe Nepal’s mystical honey.

Mad Honey Nepal creates the consistency that the world craves. We thoroughly test of all the honey we buy. We assure that it’s safe, effective, and metered to the proper dosage so that you know exactly how much grayanotoxin you’re consuming each and every time.

Whether you’re looking for a quick morning pick-me-up, or a stronger, more mystical

experience, Mad Honey Nepal makes certain you get the proper dosage so that you can enjoy mad honey’s pleasures without risking an unpleasant experience.

Because eating too much grayanotoxin can lead to mad honey poisoning, and an uncomfortable few hours. It isn’t fatal, and you won’t suffer any lasting effects, but you may experience weakness, dizziness, excessive sweating, nausea, and vomiting. It’s unpleasant to be sure, but completely avoidable with the proper dosage. Mad Honey Nepal provides that perfect dose each time.

So enjoy all that mad honey has to offer safely every time with Mad Honey Nepal.

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